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Executive Summary

The Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta), ISC(A), is a registered non-profit provincial multi-sport organization that represents all Indigeous youth and families in the Province of Alberta. The ISC(A) Board of Directors is copmprised of 15 members representing Treaty 6, Treaty 7, Treaty 8, Metis Nation of Alberta Association, Metis Settlements General Council and the Alberta Native Friendship Centres.

The Indigeous Sport Council (Alberta), ISC(A), view sport and recreational activity as an integral part of the Indigeous communities health and wellness model. Sport and physical activity promotes positive lifestyles, develops individual life-skills, encourages youth leadership and reinforces family and cultural values. Further, the ISC(A) view the role of sport, physical activity and recreation within communities as a tool for strengthening families and communities, reducing health risks and counteracting social conditions.

What has the ISC(A) Accomplished

Successful Endeavors of the ISC(A) to 2007

Promoted and encouraged recreational activities, organized sport and cultural events among the represented communities of Treaty 6, Treaty 7, Treaty 7, Treaty 8, Metis Nation of Alberta Association, Metis Settlements General Council, and the Alberta Native Friendship Centres. A list of ISC(A) Board Members provided.

Collaborated with governments, Indigenous organizations, the business communities, and the provincial sport organizations to provide recreational and sporting opportunities to the Indigeous youth and families.

Gained the support and aid of parents, educatioanl institutions and health and child care is mandatory for all head coaches to be registered in the National Coaching Certified Program. the ISC(A) will utilize all Indigenous officials, coaches, volunteers and medical team where ever required.

Organized and supported all provincial, national and international competition in 16 sports. Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Goft, Lacrosse, Rifle Shooting, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tae Kwon Do, Volleyball, Wrestling. (2008 Sport Technical Package included).

Annual fundraising initiative, goft tournaments and conferences.

Orgainized and sponsored the First Annual Achieving Well-Being Through Recreation and Sports Conference.

Continue to promote the integration of Elders support and knowledge in program design and delivery.

Developed the Alberta Indigenous Hall of frame.

In collaboration with the communities, A CODE OF CONDUCT, was developed and mst be signed by all participants. (A copy included)

Developed and implemented with the support of the communities the consent for criminal record search for all participants eighteen (18) years and older.

Our Mission

Provide and support understanding and good will of Indigenous peoples’ cultures.

Raise the standard of fitness of the Indigenous people of North America.

Improve the participation in physical, recreational and amateur sport of the Indigenous people of North America.

Provide a basis of leadership and personal development for athletic and cultural participants.

Stimulate and complement programming that enhances health, responsibility and personal growth.

Provide for an ongoing legacy to continue these objectives without further dependence on public funds.

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