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A Brief History

Chronological Highlights of the North American Indigenous Games.

The ISC(A) vision was found by Mr. Wilton Littlechild, the late Mr. John Fletcher and Mr. Charles Wood in 1972 to involve Alberta Indigenous people in meaningful and enjoyable sport activities on a regular and organized basics.

In 1988, the ISC(A) as it was then began organizing an Olympic style North American Indigenous sport event to be staged in Edmonton in 1990.

In 1990, the ISC(A) hosted the first ever North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) in Edmonton with 3700 Indigenous participants of which approximately 700 were from Alberta.

In 1993, the ISC(A) in cooperation with Saskatchewan Indigenous organizers successfully stages the 2nd NAIG in Prince Albert with 6,900 Indigenous participants of which approximately 800 were from Alberta.

In 1995, the ISC(A) in cooperation with Indigenous organizers from the United States of American successfully staged the 3rd NAIG in Blain, Minnesota with 8000 Indigenous athletes of which approximately 1,400 from Alberta.

In 1997, the 4th NAIG was held in Victoria, B.C. where close to 800 Indigeous Albertans participated. Team Alberta had the third largest contingent out of a total of 27 teams from province (8), territories, and states (18).

In 1999, the 5th NAIG was to be held in Fargo, North Dakota. Due to lack of resources to host such an extensive event, the NAIG Council of Fargo declined in October 1998.

In 1998, an alternative sport competition to the NAIG in Fargo was suggested by some of the Canadian Chef de Missions. It was further recommended by the Chef de Missions and the communities in Alberta that the ISC(A) office co-host the Indigenous Games '99 with an Indigenous community.

In 1999, the ISC(A) office extended an invitation to the First Nations in Hobbema. Alberta, namely, Samson, Ermineskin, Louis Bull and Montana to co-host the Indigenous Games '99. Although the facilities required to host this major event were secured, the essential government funding requests and additional sponsorships were unattainable, due to the limited funding budgets and timelines.

In 2002, the 5th NAIG was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg played host to 8,600 athletes, 2,500 cultural performers and 5,000 volunteers and officials. Team Alberta consisted of approximately 850 athletes and coaching staff.

In 2005, the 6th NAIG was to be held in Buffalo, New York. Due to financial and timeline restraints, the NAIG Council had to postpone the 2005 NAIG.

In 2006, the 6th NAIG was held in Denver, Colorado. There were approximately 8,000 in attendance.

In 2008, the 7th NAIG will be held in Cowichan, B.C. Due to lack of space, the host society has capped the larger teams, such as B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario to 500 athletes and coaches.

In 2014, the 2014 NAIG was held in Regina, Saskatchewan. Team Alberta was represented by over 380 athletes, coarches and managers.

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